Discovery Session

Each Executive Athlete High Performance Program is made up of a dynamic group of extraordinary people who are committed to supporting each other to their highest potential. If you are serious about exploring whether this journey is right for you, then register for your Discovery Session.

A Discovery Session is an invaluable process we have developed that will provide you with insight to your key indicators and how to best double down on your strengths in the context of the four elements of health to become an Executive Athlete.

Why attend a Discovery Session?

  1. Uncover the inhibitors that are keeping you from your personal best.
  2. Discover the frameworks that will help you identify the key performance indicators where you are strong and capitalise on your strengths.
  3. Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome.
  4. Discuss the Executive Athlete enrolment criteria and payment options.
  5. Discovery sessions are private conversations held at your office or conference room. We will come to you.

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All funds are donated to PCYC YOUTH CAMPUS WOOLLOOMOOLOO. A nominal $50 fee is charged to help ensure our time is not absorbed by spectators. If you don’t feel the session was worth the investment of your time and money, we will refund you and donate an additional $50 on your behalf as compensation.