Procrastination is the perfectionist’s shadow. If you are guilty of ‘waiting and deferring’ listen to the language you are using in your head. Is it positive or negative? Are you demonstrating and fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Are you winning the mind game or is the language that you are using defeating you?

In order to become successful, the first person that has to believe you will succeed is you. This is the end of negative self-talk and the fixed mindset. Without belief, you will not commit to your desires and your performance will fall short of your goal.

This is the moment when you believe – I will do this, I can do this, I must do this. This is the time where you adopt the growth mindset as your natural way of thinking. The growth mindset is within the skillset of the executive. You must look at the challenges involved in becoming an Executive Athlete in the same way you look at professional problems.

You know how to solve one, now go solve the other.


What makes you good at what you do? Why are you successful at work, and can you do the same to become an Executive Athlete?

Can you commit to becoming an Executive Athlete and prioritise it in the same way? Give it the same importance that you would apply to anything else you do successfully.

Most importantly, get people’s buy-in exactly how you would in a business project. Don’t make the mistake of doing this alone. Everyone needs help.

Spend time with people who reinforce your self-belief with encouragement. You will know them as soon as you meet them; they make you feel good about yourself.

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