Success requires sacrifice. What have you sacrificed to be successful? What has your executive career cost you? The unhealthy executive is losing and losing big. They are losing more than they are prepared to admit.

When an executive sacrifices their health for their career, it causes three key problems:

The first is FATIGUE. When all you crave is rest, watch your ability to solve complex problems disappear.

The second one is STRESS. Relationships of any depth demand constant input of new energy, often executives just don’t have the energy to spare.

The third problem is PHYSICAL PAIN. When even the most basic movements become painful, life is miserable and their state of mind suffers the most.

These three problems create a life that is ALL ON or ALL OFF. What is worse, moments of much-needed rest and relaxation are associated with excessive food and alcohol.

This creates the fourth and ultimate problem SHAME. When I first meet my clients they are embarrassed about how overweight they are. The shame that comes with the struggle to control their weight keeps them on the sidelines of life.

The overweight executive feels this the most, but anyone who experiences an increase in responsibility will be able to relate.

Greater responsibility can create excessive worrying and an expectation to perform. Time pressure builds and there is never enough time spare to look after yourself physically.

Physical inactivity erodes self-belief. It is hard to be mentally strong when you feel physically weak. Weakness and pain not only distract the mind, they destroy the dream. The executive often simply accepts that this is who they are.

The Executive Athlete is a methodology that has four phases. One by one they solve the four problems listed above. It treats your time like a precious commodity creating and an aerodynamic system that allows executives to finally feel proud that they have taken back control of their health.