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The 90-day program that teaches 110kg male executives how to become 90kg athletes. We have one mission: change for life.

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  • David Heine, Chief Operating Officer, eftpos
  • Andrew Whitehead, Creative and Managing Director, Devotion Digital
  • A shared physical endeavour is an equaliser. It removes the hierarchy of parent and child. It exposes the real you to them and in turn your children to you. These are private moments of shared vulnerability and discovery. Memories I will carry with me forever.
    David Heine, Chief Operating Officer, eftpos
  • 'The EA program taught me to focus on me. By focusing on me I was actually focusing on my family - I craved more energy to be at beach with my son and daughter. This required the discipline of routine in my meal planning and daily schedule. I needed to take back control. Losing 21kg was just part of that.'
    Andrew Whitehead, Creative and Managing Director, Devotion Digital

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Executive Athlete is proud to be working with the top medical specialists, business leaders and healthcare providers in the country.

Sydney Mentor Team

Jonathan Cawte Founder and Sports Scientist
Dr John Hart Author of The Brain Book
Mark Adams Executive GM Specialised Sales, NAB
David Heine Chief Operating Officer, eftpos
Matt McCutcheon Physiotherapist, Sydney Swans

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